Workout of the day

The WOD is the “Workout of the Day.” It consists of various exercises from a variety of disciplines.

You will always find the next day’s training the evening before on the Spree CrossFit Facebook page.

WODs 27052020


warm up:
3 rounds @empty bar
5 deadlifts
5 hang power cleans
5 presses
5 push presses
5 backsquats
5 bent over rows

a) strength
choose mainlift, do 3@ahap, then do 3 back-off sets @90% of the first set

b) 3 Rounds for time of:
30 DB hang power cleans 2x20/2x15
30 DB squats
30 american kettlebell swings 24/16
400m run


Warm up:
Thoracic Flow


a) Skill: Press to Handstand - Swedish Handstand

1. 2x10 piked seated bent over leg raises (hands as far in the front as possible)
2. 2x10 straddled seated bent over leg raises (hands as far in the front as possible)
3. 2x5 press draked / jumped forward
4. 2x5 press draked / jumped backwards
5. 2x5 jumped press to handstand from straddled position (against a wall)
6. 3x2 negativ press to handstand from a wall
or instead of 5-6. do 5 sets of free swedish handstand attempts

b) wod
6 x 2-minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between:
20s deep push-up hold (chest nearly touching ground)
20s plank
amrap max reps air squats in remaining time (80s)
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