Functional Strength

Strength Training at Spree CrossFit: FUNCTIONAL Strength

In our course “Functional Strength” we focus on the basic exercises with the barbell: squats, deadlift, shoulder press and bench press. Furthermore, the chin-up is an elementary part of the concept. By means of a proven training system, which is continuously and individually adapted by our experienced trainers, we make the participants stronger.

The basic exercises mentioned are so-called “multi-joint exercises”, which correspond to the basic human movement patterns. This means we practice functional strength training. Such exercises make it possible to train many muscles simultaneously by using a sequence of movements. We explicitly do NOT train single muscles, but complex movements. We do this because it is the best method to build up maximal strength and to lay a good foundation for other sports.

Therefore we recommend strength training for beginners, but also for advanced athletes who want to improve their conditioning skills and build strength.

Why is strength training so important?

Because strength is by far the most important and most successfully trainable conditional skill, in “Functional Strength” we focus on strength development. A stronger person will have an advantage over any other physical challenge or sport: more strength means a more efficient tee shot in golf or tennis, more bounce in athletics or basketball, more acceleration in football or sprinting and a harder punch in martial arts.

Strength also plays a decisive role in coping with everyday tasks, such as carrying objects or children, climbing stairs, etc.

Muscle building through strength training also has many positive health effects: Less back and joint pain, better sleep, faster metabolism, reduction of body fat depots, increased libido in men and women, optimised hormone metabolism, increased self-confidence, etc. – In short: whoever is stronger has an advantage in every aspect and basically you can’t be strong enough!


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