Our Classes

What awaits you in our courses

The WOD (workout of the day)
This class teaches a variety of exercises from different sports, such as olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. Your strength as well as your endurance will be trained in a diverse way.

Olympic Weightlifting
In this class you will learn how to execute the “Snatch“ as well as the “Clean&Jerk“. In addition to your technique you will improve your strength through assistance exercises, such as the front squat or snatch grip deadlifts.

In this class you will learn the gymnastic movements that will improve your WOD performance. If improving your handstand, pull ups or pistol squats sounds good to you, then you should take this class. In addition to your strength, your balance and flexibility will also improve.

Functional Strength (basic strength training)
Everbody can become strong through training. This class is based on the Starting Strength model by Mark Rippetoe. You will get stronger through the 5 bacis movements “Deadlift,Squat,Overhead Press,Bench Press and Chin Up“. Basic strength is especially usefull for beginners, who want to pursue Crossfit, or other sports that contain a strength component.