What is Level Method and why do we do it at Spree CrossFit?

After 10 years of bringing CrossFit to the people we decided that it is time to take the next step…

 CrossFit was always lacking measurability. So it was hard to track our member’s progress. Beside the „Girls“ being standardized workouts, that one should repeat once in a while to see how it is going, there was no possibility of precisely finding out where someone is standing with his performance. 

Well, this is solved now by the Level Method.

This system comes with 15 categories and more than 60 functional exercises that allow assessments for specific energy systems within the human body. As CrossFit is the sport of Fitness and Fitness is work capacity across broad time and modal domains, it requires to build up this capacity in all those energy systems.

In order to have a precise idea how to scale workouts based on the individuals needs the Level Method categorizes into 32
different levels, each with very specific benchmarks and marked by colors pretty similar to the belt system within martial arts. Hereby the athlete can optimally be guided through his path of safely and efficiently evolving in the sport of Fitness being maximally motivated at the same time!

To get on the Level Method one must initially perform the assessments. This will be done within our ramp-on program after a person becomes a member at our box. Therefor the new member will have at least 3 Personal Training sessions with one of our coaches. About 3 times a year we  will repeat all assessments together. If an athlete finds a „weak spot“ that is holding him back from climbing up levels we will address that by offering so called „goal sessions“ where we can e.g. set up a specific training program to master the lacking skill and so ensure to keep progressing. This way the Level Method is also supporting us coaching very sufficiently.

For those that are visiting our box as a drop in or just for a short period of time and are not interested in joining the Level Method we of course can adjust our workouts to their individual level of performance just like we did the past 10 years.

CrossFitterz, for us this is an evolution of what we do and we are exited and thrilled to get on this journey!