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Why start with CrossFit?

CrossFit is a comprehensive approach to strength and endurance training done in small groups. You work out with a maximum of 12 people under the supervision of a trainer. The focus is on functional exercises that help you improve your endurance, mobility, coordination, and speed. Training sessions last about an hour. You won’t be using machines; instead, you’ll work with your own body weight as well as kettlebells and barbells.

A short warm up is followed by a technique portion focusing on a basic exercise. (On this score, we follow Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.) After that, we get to the actual Workout of the Day (WOD), which consists of a combination of various exercises, either following the AMRAP principle (As Many Rounds As Possible in an allotted time), or just doing a set number as fast as you can. You should do these as fast as you can while still being meticulous about the form—that’s what makes it particularly challenging.

Why Spree CrossFit?

Are you looking for the ultimate fitness program? Then Spree CrossFit is your perfect gym!

In our CrossFit box you exercise and train with people of all levels and ages. Our professional trainers pick you up exactly where you are NOW and make you a CrossFitter safely and efficiently. At Spree CrossFit in Berlin Kreuzberg you can expect fitness training at the highest level in a motivating and familiar atmosphere!

We look forward to getting to know you soon!