The SPREE CrossFit Team introduces itself

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  • Kris Markmann
    Age: 31
    Rank: Coach

    Gymnastik Coach Personal Trainer Ernährungscoach...

  • Sebastian Werner
    Age: 29
    Rank: Coach

    5,5 Jahre Erfahrung als Personal Trainer, Group Trainer und Coach...

  • Fritz Wilke (Fritza)
    Age: 30
    Rank: Coach

    Qualifications: 2013: CrossFit LV1 Instructor 2013: CrossFit Powerlifting 2012: Training...

  • Nadine Hübner- Bandulewitz
    Age: 43
    Rank: Coach

    Qualifications: Gelernte Krankenschwester Magister der Sportwissenschaften Kettlebell Athletics Instructor Level...

  • Nico Peschke
    Age: 35
    Rank: Coach

    My training philosophy is based on physical demands and challenges...