About us

Our Philosophy

Top-notch Functional strength and conditioning training

In December 2012 our company Burpees Intense Urban Gym was founded, in summer 2013 we affiliated with CrossFit and became Spree CrossFit. We? That’s Nico Peschke, Johannes Kwella (left the company in 2017) and Nadine Hübner-Bandulewitz. We all have years of experience as Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructors. However , after all these years in the fitness industry we had the desire to start something new and build our own business representing our true passion.

We focus on wholesome training. Mainly, we perform functional, so called multi joint, exercises. Why? Because these are known to improve intermuscular coordination and mobility. The main goal is to gain strength, either sport specific of for your every day life.

Equally important is a strong cardiovascular system, hence we also focus on endurance training. A combination of strength and endurance will improve your performance level.

We never compromise on performing the exercises correctly and with perfect form, in order to prevent injuries and guarantee you results. Others may push their clients towards “more weight, more reps, no matter how”, we will push you towards perfect execution.

We offer individual training in small groups of up to 12 people in a fun atmosphere under supervision of professional coaches.

We are athletes ourselves and are looking forward to making you stronger, fitter, faster, healthier and happier.

Our Standards


We attach great importance to perfect execution of all exercises. This serves efficiency and injury prevention.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will learn all skills exactly and correctly step by step, not carelessly and head over heels.


Everyone’s doing their best. The best is individually different. Whining does no good to anyone.