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In Germany, CrossFit is an insider tip; in America, it’s already hugely popular.

Is it really “the hardest work out in the world”? Schedule a complimentary trial session and try out CrossFit for yourself.

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What is Crossfit?

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CrossFit is a comprehensive strength and endurance workout in a small group.

Anyone can do CrossFit—young or old, beginner or advanced.

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Intensive Training !

Three Elements

Technique: Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, cleans…

Strength: How it all starts…

WoD: 3, 2, 1 .... go!

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More Success With

Personal Training

Train with your own personal coach.

Experience intensive training tailored to your own needs.

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The Perfect Addition

Cross Yoga

The ideal complement to CrossFit Training. Fluid movements. Improved mobility and coordination.

Regenerative effect for muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the nervous system.

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Strict and


We train the way we are: without any fancy-shmancy stuff, we go straight ahead with honesty and, as a result, faultless technique.

Above all, our goal is to become stronger—physically and mentally.

About us

Why should you become a Crossfitter?

Convincing reasons

CrossFit is a comprehensive approach to strength and endurance training done in small groups. You work out with a maximum of 12 people under the supervision of a trainer. The focus is on functional exercises that help you improve your endurance, mobility, coordination, and speed. Training sessions last about an hour. You won’t be using machines; instead, you’ll work with your own body weight as well as kettlebells and barbells.

A short warm up is followed by a technique portion focusing on a basic exercise. (On this score, we follow Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.) After that, we get to the actual Workout of the Day (WOD), which consists of a combination of various exercises, either following the AMRAP principle (As Many Rounds As Possible in an allotted time), or just doing a set number as fast as you can. You should do these as fast as you can while still being meticulous about the form—that’s what makes it particularly challenging.

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